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Pigeon nipple care cream brings much relaxation to bathe in warm water. I always put a pea sized amount of this cream on my thumb and index finger, gently rub and apply to the nipples before taking a bath. After 2 days, no more sore nipples!Yay! This shall always come in handy especially to working moms who are pumping to avoid dryness and cracked nipples, for moms who are always on the go."
- Mommy Yan, Phils

"Hooray for pumped breastmilk! yesterday we were able to leave Alesso with my in-laws and watch a movie because I was able to pump milk for him. The best thing about this electric pump pro from @pigeonbabyph is it doesn't produce any noise at all. I can pump even when my baby is sleeping beside me."
- Mommy Regine, Phils

What I like most about Pigeon’s nursing pads is that they contain instant- absorption polymer that swiftly absorbs breast milk. My skin remains smooth and my clothes stay dry. Thanks to the double tape used on the upper and lower sections, the pads do not slip even when inside my bra."
- Mommy Koon Fun, Singapore

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