I like how compact the device is. And I dont have to worry about the breast pump not working even when running out of battery. The Manual Brest Pump is easy to assemble and to bring around. The compact size of the breast pump can easily be kept in my handbag when I need to go out for errands. It's also handy and light weight. It is stress-free and your hand won't feel tired or pain during pumping. It is just nice for a small palm user like me! The breastmilk storage bottle can also easily be transformed to a feeding bottle by changing the silicone seal to a teat for easy feeding (if you are using Pigeon's nursing bottle). You can enjoy the simplicity and fuss-free by using this breast pump.
Thank you for such a great product!
- Mommu Yin Fang, Singapore
What I like most about Pigeon's nursing pads is that they contain instant- absorption polymer that swiftly absorbs breast milk. My skin remains smooth and my clothes stay dry. Thanks to the double tape used on the upper and lower sections, the pads do not slip even when inside my bra."
- Mommy Koon Fun, Singapore
Pigeon nippe care cream brings much relaxation to bathe in warm water. I always put a pea sized amount of this cream on my thumb and index finger, gently rub and apply to the nipples before taking a bath. After 2 days, no more sore nipples!Yay! This shall always come in handy especially to working moms who are pumping to avoid dryness and cracked nipples, for moms who are always on the go."
- Mommy Yan, Phils
Maganda! Na-try ko na kagabi, in 8 mins naka-12 ounces ako both. breasts. Di ako nagsisi sa pag purchase. Thank you!
- Mommy Nina, Phils
It helps him to breathe property because it has the softest nipple and made of silicone and it only drips when my baby sucked
-- Mommy Karla
Nipple confusion? Kabag? Lahat ito concern natin mga mommies when choosing feeding bottle for our baby. Nagumpisa ako gamitin yung small bottles ng Pigeon just to try it out, and hindi na kami nag subok ng iba since then.
@nanay.express on Instagram
Finally! Nawala na ang nipple confusion ng baby ko.
--Mommy Dorelyn
I'm so happy na Pigeon bottle ang gamit ko sa mga babies ko, very safe pang gamitin at happy si baby.
-- Mommy Marry Gene
Maganda! Na-try ko na kagabi, in 8 mins naka-12 ounces ako both breasts. Di ako nagsisi sa pag-purchase. Thank you!
-Feedback on Pigeon GoMiniTM Double Electri Breast Pump
Finally we found Pigeon, and changed our lives as first time parents forever.
-- LA Tenorio (@la_tenorio on Instagram)
There's nothing more reassuring knowing that you have a partner in this new normal and I found it from @pigeonbabyph
-- Mommy Akira (@akira.matteo on instagram)
I am confident that the Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is safe for my kids.
-- Mommy Anj Delos Santos - Mendez (@anjdelossantosmendez on Instagram)
I am worry-free whenever I use it for my kids' clothes, comforters, and blankets.
-- Mommy Nelly Mallorca (@nellymallorca on Instagram)
As a first time mom I really don't know which brand to trust. So I tried almost every brand and finally I found the best of them all! PIGEON products will definitely be my forever baby brand.
-- Mommy Marian Roque (@marianbroque on Instagram)
When it comes to our precious little angel, there is no compromise to the products that we use on her. That's why we only trust Pigeon's wide range of gently baby care products.
-- Mommy Sheiralyn (@sheiralyn on Instagram)
Pigeon is one of my trusted brand when it comes to Quils baby products. They are my partner since Quil is newborn until he become a toddler.
-- Mommy Marie Cabrera @@its.me.quil on Instagram
Good thing I've discovered Pigeon products! For years I've seen a lot of mothers using Pigeon products and its proven mild and safe even for babies!
-- Mommy Eiko Hirakawa-Pineda @thesunkissedbunny on Instagram
Pigeon had always been a part of my motherhood journey. I trust and love their products because I know their products are safe for my little one.
-Mommy Erika Jane
@mommyerikajane on Instagram
With everything that's happening now, I make sure that we are using anti-bacterial solutions for Raphie's stuff.
-- Mommy Ness Enrique
(@nessenrique on Instagram)